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We had the privilege of working on a highly engaging and impactful project comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) tailored specifically for Islamic curricula, including an Admin panel, a landing page, a website, and a mobile application.

The landing page showcases the Islamic curricula’s core values and philosophy.

The website and mobile application provide students and teachers with seamless access to the learning resources and interactive tools. Through the mobile application, students can engage in self-paced learning, access multimedia content, participate in discussions, and submit assignments, make phone calls, video calls, or chat with teachers using the mobile application

Teachers, on the other hand, are able to conduct video calls, organize group chats, give timely feedback, deliver lessons in an efficient manner, and select the best time to support cooperative learning activities.

We employed the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure a secure and scalable solution.

Our team prioritized user experience and design aesthetics to create an immersive and enjoyable learning environment that resonates with students of all ages.


What Our Clients Say About ArabDT

We thank our partners in ArabDT for their great effort, disciplined work, patience, distinction and creativity in producing Hofaz

Mr. Amr Ebid

General Supervisor At RMS

What I saw from the ArabDT/Patexs follow-up, improvement and response to its users were exceptional in the organization of follow-up

Hossam Salem

CTO At ElMakttaba ElShamlah

All thanks and appreciation to you for helping me after I lost hope of returning the system for my facilities. I’m thrilled to deal with you

Hala Al Wahibi

CEO AT Karaz Wa Tout