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The Acadox application is a comprehensive learning management system designed to streamline academic processes.

It provides students with a centralized platform to access course materials, assignments, announcements, and grade updates.

The application is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for students to navigate and complete assignments. It also benefits teachers and academic institutions by allowing them to manage courses, communicate with students, and grade assignments. The application is flexible, customizable, and scalable, allowing it to adapt to individual institutions’ needs. The user interface is visually appealing and engaging, with gamification principles incentivizing active engagement.

We are proud of the work we did on the Acadox application and the impact it has had on the academic world.


What Our Clients Say About ArabDT

What I saw from the ArabDT/Patexs follow-up, improvement and response to its users were exceptional in the organization of follow-up

Hossam Salem

CTO At ElMakttaba ElShamlah

We thank our partners in ArabDT for their great effort, disciplined work, patience, distinction and creativity in producing Hofaz

Mr. Amr Ebid

General Supervisor At RMS

All thanks and appreciation to you for helping me after I lost hope of returning the system for my facilities. I’m thrilled to deal with you

Hala Al Wahibi

CEO AT Karaz Wa Tout