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Learning Management System

LMS helps educational institutions and businesses manage their online learning programs better. It can be an effective way to improve employee engagement and retention while increasing employee skill levels.

An educational organization or a company, ArabDT, provides you with Learning Management System that meets your needs and enhances your academic or development program.

Rather than manually managing and tracking all of the workflows, learners have access to and complete learning programs. LMS systems help automate the entire process, from start to finish.

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LMS Features:

  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Data Tracking Personalized User
  • Experience Offline
  • Learning Trackers
  • Automated Alerts and Notifications
  • Centralized Learning Materials
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Compliance
  • Smart Scheduling Tool
  • Assessment Tools and Test-Out Options
  • Collaborative Learning Tools

The Ability To Streamline Training


Course Registration


Quick delivery of content or module via online


Scalable course content


Personalized content


Centralized and automated administration


Self-service and self-guided navigation


Communication between instructor and learner


Performance-based tasks

Our Solutions