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What They Say About ArabDT

Personally, I see that the key to the success of any application is follow up. Following up on the application is as important as mastering its first version. What I saw from the ArabDT/Patexs follow-up, improvement and response to its users were exceptional in the organization of follow-up, the speed of response, and the quality of solutions. May Allah reward them. 

ArabDT is not only a partner in creating a platform that serves children with special needs but also a partner in creating value that will significantly impact this sector. Despite the difficulty and complexity of this work, ArabDT has always desired to provide the highest possible quality. We thank ArabDT for this work and look forward to working with them in the future.

All thanks and appreciation to you for helping me after I lost hope of returning the system for my facilities. You created the system from scratch and as soon as possible. I am thrilled to deal with a company like you with your high expertise and outstanding efficiency despite working remotely in Saudi Arabia.  Thank you very much. 

We thank our partners in ArabDT for their great effort, disciplined work, patience, distinction and creativity in producing (Hofaz Educational Platform) for memorizing and teaching the Hadith “Prophetic Sunnah”. They were the best support for us in achieving this beneficial wish for those who care about science and Sunnah. Wish them the best of luck and perpetuity of excellence, and be our partner in the reward of every good spread within Hofaz. 

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